The Mysterious Caller

Melanie was one of UK's most sought after phone sex girls. She loved getting the calls just as much as her men loved calling her. Melanie was always eager for a good time, and whenever she had a couple free minutes, she was excited to pick up the phone and get horny with a man on the other line. The moaning and groaning of a man cuming to the sound of her voice always through her into a toe-curling orgasm that would leave her absolutely breathless and soaking wet. She loved getting men off. One night, she liked it so bad that she broke the rules.

It was late Saturday night when Melanie received a call on her phone sex line from a man named Jeff. He had a deep, raspy voice that immediately made Melanie's pussy pulsate from the anticipated pleasure of hearing his moans as he unleashes a fury of cum just to the sounds of her voice. The phone call was like something Melanie had never experienced before. She was no longer the call girl. She was the shy Melanie who was at the mercy of her master. Jeff immediately began to demand Melanie to take his dick in the back of her throat like the whore that she was.

"Gag on it" He demanded. Melanie complied with her master's commands and began gagging as she imaged his long cock filling the back of her throat. With every gag, Jeff grew closer to climax.

"You like that, you whore?" He asked. Just as Melanie moaned a yes, Jeff exploded as he listened to Melanie continue to gag on the other line of the phone. He began to demand Melanie to tell him how she likes the taste his cock in the back of her throat, and the more he ruled her tight little pussy that was seeping delicious pussy juice all over her knickers, the closer she felt to cuming. Just as she began to feel her pussy walls flex and squirt out cum, Jeff began to demand for her not to cum.

"I can't help it!" She squealed as she continued to vigorously rub on her clit with her fingers.

"You better not cum you little whore!" Jeff repeated. "Not until my mouth is wrapped over your pussy!"

And just as those words came out, Melanie exploded a fierce stream of cum as she pictured Jeff taking every last drop in his mouth. She quivered and trembled as she squealed and squirted out every last drop of pussy juice, and just as she caught her breath, Jeff said, "Thanks, babe!" and hung up the phone... Leaving Melanie completely astounded and curious as to who Jeff was, and if he will ever call again. She loved the way he took control of his dick and how wet he made her throughout the call, and even after she came with him, she still needed and craved to take his dick deep in her throat.