New Arrivals at Heathrow

The flight from Beijing had landed and instructed by Mark I was there to collect the girls that had flown over wanting to join our team. I had to collect the girls and take them to their new apartment in Hampstead, overlooking the Heath, a state of the art building packed with all the luxuries girls in a new country may find comforting. Soon three beautiful Asian girls made their way towards me and once we had established some pleasantries we were soon leaving the terminal headed for Hampstead.

We got to the apartment and I showed the girls around, gave them basic instructions, and told them to get a good sleep as they would be very busy over the next few days. Jin who spoke impeccable English stated they had lots of rest in the first class section of the flight and they were much revived and needed to use up some energy. In an instant the three of them surrounded me pulled me into the largest bedroom which had been claimed by Lei.

Lei was obviously the leader of the three of them and gave her orders in Cantonese, to which I was abruptly pushed down on the bed, my clothes removed and ropes deftly applied which tied me to the bed posts. By now my cock was rock hard and standing to attention pushing the seams of my jeans to bursting point. The quietest girl Tu who up until this point had not spoken took my cock in her mouth and began to deep throat me like she had known me for years. I was on the verge of spilling my load into the hot mouth of Tu when Jin presented her pussy onto my face. Her slit was so wet with a huge engorged clitorous I began to suck on those folds and tease my tongue in and out of that little hood of pleasure. Within minutes Lei had instructed Tu to stop and to instead play with Jin's nipples to which she was rewarded by Jin fingering her hole till she came.

I felt disappointed at the removal of Tu's hot sucking but before I had chance to relax Lei had impaled herself on my 9 inch cock and had buried herself up to the hilt, she was so tight and her inner muscles had my cock gripped like a vice. It took a lot of self-control not to cum inside her as I knew how I wanted to shoot my seed and it wasn't seconds into fucking this hot Asian beauty. She was rocking back and forth while I bucked my hips to meet her fuck hole, wanting her to feel every inch and girth of solid meat inside her.

Jin started screaming and came with an almighty gush, I thought I was going to drown in her fluid as I swallowed down what seemed like pints of girl cum. She then promptly laid back on the bed for Tu to lick her juices clean of her shaven pussy, once the task was complete the girls locked lips sharing the taste of Jin. Seeing Jin laying there completely spent made me really want to reawaken her senses and push her further, there was something about this girl, I had to claim her for myself. Tu obviously knew what I wanted, she could see the hunger in my eyes and decided to take care of Lei who was on the edge still grinding up and down on my shaft. Tu wrapped her around Lei from behind and started fingering her clit while we were still fucking, the tension in her released and she orgasmed screaming in Cantonese into the arms of Tu.

Meanwhile my desire for Jin was burning and I had to fuck my seed into her, I wanted to impregnate her and give her a constant reminder of our episode. I entered her roughly and she gave a short sharp cry, I didn't care I pounded her now dry pussy stretching her, watching her face turn from pain to pleasure she begged me not to cum inside her. Please mister she cried don't, I didn't care as I shot my seed high into her cervix and held her tight to make sure the deed was complete.