A Night at The Opera

Danielle was apprehensive about her date. Although her client had pulled out all the stops for their date that evening, she had never been to the opera before and wasn't quite sure what to expect. She had dressed to impress but never spent time with Martin before, but on the journey up there, he had put her at ease with his warm manner and friendly chat. He was also quite handsome she thought, and although he was a paying client, it always helped if they were easy on the eye. They walked through the building and were shown up the grand staircase to their private box. They took their seats in front of the velvet curtain and Martin carefully opened the bottle of champagne that sat in front of them chilling in its silver ice bucket. The lights dimmed and everything fell silent as the story began to unfold on the stage below them. After a while, Danielle glanced at her date and as she studied his handsome features, she realised that she was actually feeling quite horny and wondered to herself what it would be like to fuck him. He took her hand and placed it on his trousers, she could feel the bulge of his cock through the material and knew he was getting excited. She slowly unzipped his trousers putting her hand round his warm, hard cock and slowly moving it up and down. She could feel herself getting wetter as she sat there and decided she wanted him to feel it too. Danielle grasped Martin's other hand, slipping it underneath her dress and guided his large fingers into her pussy to feel her wetness. As the opera carried on, Danielle quickly became oblivious to it, enjoying the feeling of her date finger fucking her and making her pussy throb. All of a sudden she decided she couldn't hold out any longer so she pulled Martin to the floor, climbed on top of him and began riding him quickly and violently, loving the feeling of his hard cock filling up her pussy and pumping away hard giving her pleasure. Down below her, the opera gained momentum and as the story started to come to its climax, Danielle and Martin did the same. Right at the moment when the fat lady sang, Danielle felt herself gush as she came to a thunderous orgasm joined by Martin who did the same releasing a hot stream of cum high up into Danielle's throbbing pussy. They both quickly contained themselves and sat themselves back down in their chairs joining in with the loud applause that was ringing round the auditorium. As Danielle looked at her date and smiled, she thought to herself that maybe a little culture wasn't such a bad thing after all!