Not all of what you Read is The Truth

Unscrupulous and uncaring London escort agencies do, or can be seen to, bend the truth about the services that they are currently advertising via the most powerful of advertising mediums, the Internet. Unlike many other advertising arenas, the Internet is still not fully policed and checked, so the forum becomes an area for freelance lying. There are no feelings of remorse nor are there feelings of guilt when honest hard working and prime clients are taken quite literally to the cleaners when responding to these less than honest adverts. Their aim is to lull the clientele into a web of deceit and then take as much as they can from, and I use their open and common terminology, "The Punter", a common and quite demeaning phrase.

There are some key areas to watch out for, very cheap prices offered for any and every location within the London postal region, this, may I add includes areas within the bounds of Greater London. When you actually think about it, what these money grabbing and immoral companies are trying to convince you of, has to be impossible to achieve. A delightful escort in London despatched to a location of your choice at an unbeatable price, yeah right! And what planet do they think we all came from! What they offer and what you are asked to pay let me assure you, will be two totally different things.

To put your mind at rest and to make absolutely certain that you are getting that special bargain, then we strongly urge you to call the company, give them your postal code and ask for a solid fixed quotation on the escort seen on their website. I am more than willing to bet that the price you saw in the advertisement on line is not what these money grabbing con artists will ask you to pay when the lady actually arrives. The key to success is to research the company you are proposing to do business with and get everything confirmed and then and only then, when you are absolutely happy with the response, make your booking. If you are a compulsive buyer then beware, as the cost of a simple mistake could very well cost you a lot more than you had bargained for. Lets be honest, would you go back to the company and ask for a refund if you were not entirely satisfied? I very much doubt it. Most of these companies have their own ways of dealing with the moaners, but let's not go there

The promise of an unbelievable London escort for the required duration, as seen on the dodgy website is more than likely too good to be true. The issue is, well, so obvious it virtually smacks you in the face. What you saw on the website will most probably not be the girl of your dreams, instead, an alternative option selected for you by the company and in many cases, one of the very few ladies they actually have available. This poor girl is more than likely aware of the situation and has so many believable excuses you tend to fall for the doe eyed look and that certain promise of, "I can be anything you want(pregnant pause)...Sir". To which the best possible response would be, if only, that's fine dear don't worry about it. You have just been had and the question is - are you happy? I very much doubt it and what's more you are left with a taste of bitter resentment in you mouth which is hard to remove, no matter how much vigorous scrubbing with the tooth brush or copious gallons of mouthwash you use.

A very costly mistake that could so easily have been avoided. Check and check again, you know it makes financial sense. Happy hunting, and be extra cautious.