What not to do not your honeymoon

So the wedding is over and you and your blushing new bride have decided to honeymoon in the most romantic place you have ever seen. Your hotel room sits on the horizon looking out at the beach and you are able to see the sunset. You hold her in your arms wondering if it could get any better than that. It may not get better but it could definitely get worse. I’m sure the London escort would have loved that view.

This would be the ideal scene for a perfect honeymoon but what if your honeymoon doesn’t come close to that then what?

I remember when my brother and his bride went on their honeymoon to one of the Caribbean islands. There flight was delayed and they had to take another flight to another Caribbean island and spend the night at airport because of course the other flight was so earl they would not have made it back to checking. Another friend of mine wife’s got food poisoning on their honeymoon so they spent most of their honeymoon time in the hospital.

Neither one of these couples came back home upset with each other nor did they say they had a bad time either. What the experience showed them was how real life situations can come up against your marriage but you just have to hold your ground hoping everything would be ok.

When you are on your honeymoon on thing that could ruin the entire trip is getting into a big fight. You honeymoon is something just like your wedding day that you will remember for the rest of your life. Even if things don’t work out the way it should instead of being annoyed with what is taking place use it to your benefit to enrich the honeymoon.

Not everyone is perfect not even the London escorts so if your blushing bride made a mistake in getting the room that you both decided on don’t hate on her. Everyone makes mistakes. The most important thing to remember is that you still have each other.

Your wedding was not as picture perfect and your aunt Dolly was seated next to your uncle Fred and they quarrelled all through your wedding reception. You may be a little upset because you repeatedly asked for them not to sit together. Don’t play the blame game indicating that things did not go well, but where were you when the guest list was being drawn up? Remember your honeymoon is an extension of your wedding so it should be just as joyous.