Nude-Dude Activities- What Men would do for Women in bare

At some point in our lives, we may have dated women who asked us to do stuff in the buff and surprisingly we find ourselves doing it and more importantly, enjoying it. There’s no shame or guilt or even a tinge of embarrassment after. It feels as if we were expecting them to dare us to do such things, but there’s only so much a man can do when he’s bare, so we have run down some of the hottest things any man can do for a woman… naked.

It is often said that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach, and it’s true. A woman who knows how to cook has more chances of ending up with the guy she likes than a woman who just knows about sex but cant cook. But what if women flipped the coin and asked the men to do the cooking, would they or wouldn’t they? As surprised as most of us were to find out, men would gladly cook for women. Not only that, but they’d even do it naked! Men are as much of a tease as women, in fact, the kinkier the better. So the next time your woman asks you for Eggs Benedict whip up some of your kitchen skills and show her that strip-happy cooking is the next best thing to gourmet!

Another little secret of men’s is that we like to lounge around naked and believe it or not, we are conscious of our bodies too, especially the parts that dangle, but we secretly want to give women a full view of the real thing. So, next on the list of nude-dude activities is a naked weekend getaway, whether it is with his girlfriend or a London escort companion, where a man can ogle at a woman’s body all day long while the woman gets a bigger picture of what’s to come. Can you take a hint?

While the majority of men enjoy the less provocative nude activities around women, there are those who enjoy a more sensual approach. For instance, a man likes getting a massage but he enjoys it better if he gives his woman the massage in the buff, like skin on skin action. Nothing arouses a man better than a good old-fashioned massage before an intense make out session.

And last but not least on the nude-dude feats of men, is the peep show. Women fantasise about men all the time, naked, clothed, in uniform, they’ve done it all. But men like to play peeping tom too to women who secretly peep into their naked glory, and they would be more than happy to assist anyone who would like to have a tour de force of the great abyss.

Now whether or not you’re the kind of guy who’s into these things or you’re just experimenting, we’re all guilty of one thing, We like teasing as much as we liked to be teased.