Oh What a Night

He moved with the swiftness of a cheetah. He grabbed hold of my arm and I squealed in pleasure. He pulled me close to his chiselled body. I could feel his stiff cock burying itself in the small of my back. He slid his cock between my legs as he bent me over. He slid one hand down my spine ensuring that I was as far down as I could go. I opened my legs so he could get easy access to my cunt. His cock slid easily into me because my cunt was already wet and waiting for him.

He moved slowly as he held my waist to steady the both of us. I was more than happy to be his escort girl tonight. I willing gave my body to him like an animal in heat. He pulled me up by my hair to a full standing position. He turned my head and kissed me fiercely; one hand roaming my body, exploring my curves.

He placed me against the bed and I held on to its edge. His thrusts became deeper and I pushed back against him welcoming his entire cock in my cunt. As his speed quickened I had to steady my body so that I wouldn’t be flung across the bed. He groaned loudly and I felt him stiffen indicating that he had exploded in her. He pulled out slowly and turned me to face him.

He lay me at the edge of the bed. I felt something wet against my pussy. I realized that he was cleaning me off with a baby wipe and my legs tingled because that could only mean one thing. That he was ready to eat my cunt. When he had finished cleaning me off he opened my legs exposing my desire for him.

I could feel my cunt throbbing. He buried his face into me and I moaned. I tangled my fingers through his hair. He teased my clit and my body wriggled underneath him. I moved my body under him and he moved his tongue in the same rhythm.

“Fuck yesssssss…” I panted. My brow was already covered with sweat and the roam smelled of arousal and desire.

His tongue probed my cunt back and forth between my lips. He swirled his tongue over my clit and my ass raised from the bed, wanting more of him, more of his tongue. His tongue slid inside my cunt then filled my cunt with his fingers while his tongue paid attention to my clit. He found my g-spot and my eyes rolled behind my head.

“Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh…” It was too much. My body needed a release. I screamed out as his pace quickened. Three of his fingers were not in my cunt and the pressure he applied to my clit was perfect. My hands were now grabbing wilding at anything it could get hold of, his hair, the sheets, hell I think I even held my head at some point. Then it happened. My orgasm spilled over his fingers and over his face but he didn’t seem to mind. He sucked my cunt until my body lay quietly on the bed.

I moved from under him and rolled him on the bed. I took his shaft in my hand and caressed it until it was firm once more. I moved directly over him and placed the tip of his cock in my mouth. I used my passed my teeth gently on him and he moaned. I left a trail of kisses on his cock. I started from the base and licked his cock with my entire tongue against him. I covered his cock with my mouth. I went as far as I could go and I allowed my hands to squeeze his balls slightly.

He tugged gently at my arms and I glided towards him until I was on his cock. He pushed his cock into me and moaned. I felt his cock in the pit of my stomach. I moved slowly over him as his hands roamed over my breasts. I held his hands as our bodies synced and danced together.

He rolled me over and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I closed my eyes as his pumps became more forceful and our groans became louder. He cupped my breasts and I encouraged him to pull my nipples hard. Being a regular escort of his we usually just fucked and fucked hard. Today however he was more tend, more gentle. It felt as though they were making love.

He opened my legs wide and pushed them forward. He pressed gently on the back of my legs as he sucked my breasts. His cock felt bigger, and his thrusts were deeper than before. My breaths were short and I felt as though I almost couldn’t breathe. His thrust became more forceful and he pressed more and more into me. I pressed my hands against his chest to help but found myself pulling him closer as I got closer to my climax. A deep growl escaped from his throat as he filled my pussy and I quickly returned the favour.

He turned over and smacked me playfully on the ass, “Ok time to get ready we’re already late.”

I climbed out of bed reluctantly and took a quick shower. When I came out he had already laid clothes on the bed for me. It was a thin strapped knee length dress with a short jacket to place over it. I don’t know how he always did it but he was always able to pick out the perfect clothing for her. She put on her makeup quickly and then checked herself in his full length mirror. They were both ready in about twenty minutes.

“You ready?” I nodded and smiled. He picked up the car keys and held the door open for her.

After about an hour he pulled up to the house, “Do you remember everything I told you?”

“Of course I do.”

We stepped out of the car and knocked on the front door of the house and knocked. An elderly lady answered the door.

“Hey ma this is Kathleen my girlfriend.”

“Hi Mrs Johnson, Marcus has told me so much about you.”