One Night Stand Etiquette

One night stand and etiquette in the same sentence? Yep, you read it right. Although indulging in a raunchy sex session with a complete stranger with whom you hope to never see again can seem awfully promiscuous, careless, reckless and far from proper and classy, there are still some rules of etiquette that should be followed. Read on!

Firstly, you want to always be prepared and always be sure to have a condom. Do not assume that she will have, because females almost always assume that this is your responsibility and that you will have one. What's worse than having a sexy girl clawing at your back, begging for sex, only for you to realise that, "Oops!" you don't have a condom to hand!

Don't ever accidentally leave something behind. Do a thorough check to make sure that you have left nothing there accidentally or not. Just don't do it. It looks desperate, tacky and is really rather annoying.

This one should go without saying, but you'll be surprised! Do not ever burp or fart! Sure, you might not ever have to see this girl again, but you want this one night stand to be enjoyable, right? And for the both of you. Don't ruin your chances of a successful one night stand by letting your bodily functions get the better of you!

Thank the lady as you're leaving. Sure, it sounds a little silly but a service was provided and isn't it only polite to thank someone after providing something for you? Make sure you do so only as you are heading out the door so it doesn't send mixed signals of sensitivity or emotion.

If you made the big mistake of spending the night, then don't sneak out once she has fallen asleep. It's an easy escape route but can you imagine if you ever ran into her again, or even worse, actually left something of importance at her place?

Just remember to keep it polite and friendly prior to, and after doing the deed. You never know when and if you will meet again in the future, so keep impressions as simple, polite and positive as you can.