The Party After the Party

London Escort Amber

As a woman you would hope that the person who did the most romantic thing for you would be your boyfriend or better yet your husband, right? Wrong! The clients of escorts have put many husbands to shame over the past few years that I have been working with the escorts company, and tonight was no different.

He was a chef. Tonight was the opening of his first chain of restaurants. When I arrived the party had finished but the arura and the aroma was in the atmosphere. He greeted me as he always did with a passionate kiss on the lips. I allowed myself to be drowned in his kiss as his hands slid down to rest lightly on my ass. After we pulled away he led me to the small patio which was an extension of his restaurant.

Small lanterns where hung along the walls, making it appear as though there were a glow in the room. Soft music played in the background. I could see a table that was set with dinner for two but he didn’t walk towards the table, instead he placed my purse on the table closest to us and held me close. I allowed him to take the lead as he glided me across the floor. He told me once that he learned to dance just to impress his girlfriend.

We stopped in the middle of the dance floor and captured my lips once again as he stroked my face gently. He lifted my dress over my head and threw it on one of the tables.

“Seems like you get more beautiful every time I see you,” he smiled.

I press against him and lift my lips to his. He holds my ass and pulls me tight enough so I could feel his cock through his pants. I push my hands into his pants and stroked his cock smiling at the small sticky spot that was already on his underwear. I skilfully unbuckle his belt, unbutton his pants and unzip his pants release his cock. I brush my hand against him and he moans in my hair.

I gently pushed him backwards until the back of his legs were against a chair. I push him down gently then I take my position between his legs. I easily swallow his cock and he moans placing his hand on my head to pushing it up and down against his cock. I grazed my teeth against him and I felt him shudder below me.

He pulls me up and turns me around. He bites my ass playfully before lowering me onto his cock. I tease him as I slid onto him slowly just allowing the tip of him into my pussy. He tried to pull me down put I look back at him and shake my head laughing heartily as I notice the look of frustration on his face.

I rotate my pussy on the tip of his cock and he squeezes my waist tightly. I slid down some more on him and he tenses. I rise again and continue to do so until my pussy has covered his cock. I hold onto his thighs as move of him. I allowed him to set the speed which he adjusted. I stand and straddle him on the chair and take his lips with mine, my breasts brushing against his shirt. My hands quickly discarded his shirt, his lightly hairy chest now brushing against my sensitive breasts. He leans me back and takes one breast into his mouth then the other. I put my hands behind me and pressed against his thighs and continued to rock over his cock. Without warning he lifts me and braces me against one of the walls.

My legs wrap around his waist as he fucks me. The coldness against the wall feels cool against my now wet skin. We make out as though we’re high school lovers, our moans filling the small room quickly. We eventually slide to the floor where we lay for a few minutes before I stood with my hands on the base of a chair with my ass and pussy arched towards his cock.

I moaned as his cock entered me. He lifted one of my legs over his shoulder and I screamed out in pleasure as he fucked me hard.

“Do you like that?”

“Fuck baby yes,” I almost screamed at him.

His cock felt good. I felt good. Hell I was almost over the top. His hand found my clit and I couldn’t hold it back and more I climaxed. He didn’t stop though he kept fucking me. I turned back to look at him and he had a smug look on his face as though he was paying me back for the teasing I did to him earlier.

He pulled out of me and opened my legs. He knelt behind me and used the length of his tongue on my pussy. I pushed back into him and he shook his face into my pussy playfully. He opened my pussy tasting it, licking it, sucking it. I felt my knees buckle a few times under the pleasure. He took mercy on me and put me to sit as he straddled my legs around his neck before once again attending to the pleasures of my pussy.

Once again he found my clit and together with his fingers fucking me I squirted all over him. Once my clit has been sensitized by the first orgasm it was useless trying not to have another one. This was one of the things he loves about me, my ability to squirt all over him. Some men love breasts and he loves to see me squirt.

He lifts me up and takes a seat on the chair and pulls me down on his lap to sit. We hold each other as I nuzzle into his neck. I listen to our heart rates and our breathing as they slowly get back to normal. He turned to me and smiled, “Are you ready to have dinner?”


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