Pick up Lines

Pick-up lines are definitely not something that you should rely on for getting the attention of that girl you've been eyeing up all night. Unfortunately, a lot of pick-up lines are frequently viewed as cheesy, lame and are used by people who lack intelligence. However, this is not the case. It all depends on how you use them and which pick-up lines you choose to use. Anything that starts with, "Is that a mirror in your knickers...." is probably not a good choice, no matter how you say it!

Essentially, pick up lines are simply an ice breaker, so without further ado, here are five effective pick-up lines for you to test on that sexy girl at the bar this weekend.

"Hi, is this seat taken?"

It's simple and shows that you are respectful enough to ask, and not assume something. If she responds that the seat is, indeed free for you to take, then you have just broken the ice and can spark up a conversation from there. After all, if she didn't want you sitting beside her, she would have no informed you that it wasn't available. That one's a definite!

"Hi, can I interest you in a glass of (insert drink name here)?"

Again, extremely simple and innocent. Chivalry is not dead, and women can appreciate a man who can take control of the situation. This small sentence shows a great amount of self-confidence!

"Do you come here often? I could use your opinion about something.... "

This pick up line can sound cheesy if said incorrectly, but on the other hand, can work magically if said perfectly. It can show a woman that her opinion and choices are of interest to you. This can only work as an advantage to you, right? Well, as long as you take her advice!

"Excuse me, Miss. would you mind helping me with..."

And no, don't ask her to help you zip up your trousers! Use this icebreaker to have her help you order a drink, win a bet or even name the song that's currently playing. Come up with unique little tasks you can ask a sexy stranger to help you with. Maybe even ask her to help you straighten your tie? Bonus points for the physical connection part of the latter suggestion!

"Can I walk you to your car?"

This pick-up line will need to be adjusted to fit the situation, but offering a woman a walk to her car or to escort her out of a building at the end of the night, ensuring that she gets a safe ride home, shows chivalry, and boys, chivalry is definitely not dead.

These five pick up lines will help you break the ice and spark up a conversation with someone new. As you can see, one-liners don't have to be cheesy, fake or completely ridiculous, as long as you utilise them correctly.