Places to Meet Girls

Women often travel in packs and of course it can be a bit more intimidating to approach a group of young, fiery and beautiful women, but it also gives you the perfect opportunity to meet one that you like! If you don't like friend one during casual conversation then change your direction to friend two. Of course, "Doing the dip" as some may call it, only works when getting to know a group of people as you aren't already focused on one individual.

Once you know that you have the confidence to approach a group of sexy girls, finding out where groups of sexy girls hang out is the next thing to do. Fortunately for you, this article takes care of the latter. As for the former, well that's totally up to you!

Females love to talk. Everyone knows this, so any place that is quiet enough for a group of girl friends to get together is the perfect opportunity to meet some lovely ladies. Think of a cafe, book store, or even the local park. No, not playground park unless you're looking for a woman with kids!

Aside from talking, the majority of women like to keep in shape. Join a gym or the local running club and get to know the others. If that's not your thing, try biking, although this is a much more difficult way to start up a conversation as you are cycling away.

Department stores are also a great place to find a group of girls. Take a walk down into the beauty department "by mistake" or take a look at the aftershaves which are often near the perfumes. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to ask that cute girl what she thinks of a scent or what she likes to smell on a man.

Of course, finding girls to your liking may change where that kind of clique would hang out, but follow these guidelines and meet, meet, meet away! Just be sure to approach the girls the first time around for the right reasons, as if they see you oddly staring at them then you may well find yourself up on a stalker charge!