Planning your time

Don't worry if you don't have a lot of money or time and can only spend an hour or two with the London escorts. You can have just as much in fun a short space of time as you can all night, as long as you plan your time properly. Time flies when you are having fun and the booking will fly by very quickly. Before you know it you will be saying goodbye and you want to be left feeling satisfied and like it was money well spent.

It usually takes around forty minutes to for Diamond Escorts to get one of their beautiful ladies to you. Ask when making your booking as the receptionist may be able to give you a rough idea once you have told her what area you are calling from. Make sure you give the correct details, especially the postcode. By giving the wrong information it could slow down the ladies arrival time, especially if the driver can't find where you are. Once the lady has been given your address by the agency she will usually call you with a more accurate time of arrival.

Make sure that you know the correct fee for the ladies visit. Discuss with her first on the phone about extra services that she offers and how much she charges. That way you can have all the money counted and ready for when she arrives. Trips to the cash point and time spent looking for money may be at your expense. Open a bottle of wine before she arrives and make sure that you have showered and are fresh and clean.

Plan how you want the evening to go before your London escort arrives. Although it is good to be a little spontaneous from time to time, you don't want to spend ages talking about something or showing her your holiday pictures, only to find that you only have twenty minutes left for your intimate encounter!

Keep an eye on the time, if you have been trying to refrain from ejaculating, and there is only ten minutes left now is the time to let loose and go for it. Allocate a certain amount of time for foreplay and for penetration. Don't think that just because you haven't finished the London escort has to stay until you do! You are paying her for her time and she could get in trouble with the agency if she isn't on top of her time keeping. You always have the option to extend, so even if originally you only booked an hour, just ask her to stay for another. She will call the agency to let them know.

Try not to concentrate too much on how much time you have left together as it may distract you from what you are doing. Most of the London escorts set an alarm for around five to ten minutes before the appointment is due to finish so that you can start to wind things up and reach a climax.

So although you may want to spend all night with your London escort you can have all the passion and romance in sixty minutes with one of the sexy Diamond Escorts.