The Plumber

Sally got up as soon as the alarm went off, as she pulled the cover to get out of bed, her slim long legs touched the floor, god it was cold, the heating should be on, Sally thought. She quickly moved over to the radiator, and it was stone cold, not the boiler again, that was the last thing she needed this month, she wondered if there was hot water for a shower. She quickly got dressed into warm pair of sweat pants and a fitted sweat top. Moving into the bathroom, Sally turned on the hot water tap, nothing but cold water came out; great she thought my day just gets even better. Oh well she might as well phone the plumbing firm she used last time, were where they based Watford? What was their name? Sally was sure she had saved their number on her phone! Sally checked her iphone, yes result she had entered it as a contact. With that she press her phone to dial the number, the call was answered quickly by a women efficiently saying Hargreves and Sons, Sally explained the situation, and was it would not be till this afternoon when someone could come to look at her boiler. Well that was that nothing she could do except let work know she would not be in today. Sally said fine but if they could sooner it would be great as she had no heating or hot water.

Sally went back into her bedroom and got back into bed. Once under the duvet, she phone work and got Miss Davies, told her the situation and said she would not be in today, Sally was sure Miss Davies did not believe her. After the call was over Sally snuggled down just to keep warm.

Sally woke with a start, what was that noise and what time was it. It was her buzzer and it was 3:30pm, Sally remembered about the boiler and calling the plumber. She quickly got out of bed and rushed to the intercom and press the button, just to she saw him starting to leave, sally quickly said yes and he stop turned around and said hi I am from Hargreves and Sons. Sally pressed the button to let him in and opened the front door.

Joe quickly bounded up the stairs, hoping Dave had been right when he said the "bird he had serviced the boiler was fit and gagging for it". As soon as he got to the front door he knocked and called out hello. Sally opened the door for him, and was sure she knew him. Hi the boiler this way, leading the way into the kitchen. Joe followed and Dave was right she was fit even under the sweat pants and top, keep you mind on the job, he said to himself.

Sally remember where she know Joe he played for the same football team as her brother is Hemel Hempstead, and she thought at the time he was fit but a bit of a macho man, not her type.

Joe quickly had the boiler cover off and saw what the problem was, just by the small whiff of gas the pilot light had gone out and needed to be restarted, but first he had to open the windows to get rid of any gas. He explain the situation to Sally and all the windows was opened after 15 mins Joe said it was OK to relight the pilot light. He showed Sally what she needed to look for and how to ignite the pilot light and restart the boiler.

His hand gently touched her hand and the both seemed to have got an electric shock, Joe asked if she was OK. Joe started to kiss Sally, slowly and tenderly, after a while he started kissing her with a passion he had not known for a while, his hands was quick under her sweat top and Sally was not wearing a bra, he could feel her pert breast and erect nipples. The more they kissed the more aroused he became, his cock making his trousers tent out. Joe picked Sally up and sat her on top of one of her work surface and started to lift the sweat top to get a better access to these breast, he so desperately wanted to suck.

Sally hands where not idle either she had pushed Joe's tee shirt up or she had already undone the top button of his work trousers. Joe quickly took off his tees showing his smooth pecks and six pack. Sally quickly unzipped his trousers and moved the down as far as possible, he was wearing white boxers and his dick was fighting to get free. God she would love that and bring to the brink of an organism. Joe had over ideas, he quickly removed his boots socks, trousers and under ware, standing completely naked in front of her. Her quickly removed her top and started sucking on the breasts. At the same time he started removing her sweat pants, Sally had to lift her bottom to help take them off.

Joe started kissing and licking his way down her body to her white thong and as soon as he got there, he used his hands to remove them and his lips and lounge to massage her clit, giving Sally an electric feeling as his stubble brushed her clit and lips. Soon he was working his way back up her body and his tongue had been replaced by his fingers, firstly one, then two, Sally organism was rising, and soon she screamed as the first of her many organisms came.

Without stopping he kissed her on the lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth and at the same time he slowly pushed his cock into her cunt, entering her and making Sally shudder. All the while Sally was still sitting on the work surface. Joe started to pick up pace, thrusting deeper and faster into Sally cunt, suddenly Joe picked her up off the work surface and Sally was completely impaled by Joe's 9 inch thick cock, with his strong hands around her waist, he kept lift her up and letting her drop back down on his cock.

Sally wrapped her legs around him enjoying the feeling of being totally filled by Joe's dick. Joe still holding Sally as he moved them to sitting room, he lower Sally onto the settee, and was relentless as he kept pounding her, as if his life depended on it. Sally felt as if her body was getting electrified as wave after wave of organism, sally lost count how many time she came. After banging her for around 30 mins, Joes was ready to come and he quicken his paced sending Sally over the edge, her count clamped his cock tightly and with the Joe screamed and thrust as far as he could into her, filling her with his cum. They lay there for a couple of minutes, when Joe's mobile went off, he quick got up and answered the phone, it was the office finding out if he had completed his last job in Watford. He said yes he was just wrapping up. Joe quickly got dressed and kissed Sally on the lips, then asked if he could see her again. Sally thought I know how to get a great fuck next week, switch the pilot light off, and ask if Joe was free to look at her boiler again, and replied maybe.