Positions Women Like

Every man will agree that males and females are two totally different species. Of course, there are some similarities when it comes to sex and wanting rough and wild fantasies, but typically, women like to have their men make love to them from time to time. Rough sex is great but they need to be reminded that they aren't only a sex object to you. So turn on your smooth talk and get into the soothing motion of lovemaking with these sexy and sensual positions.

As a bonus, these positions are also known to give women amazing orgasms and don't lie, you know you love seeing your girl get off on you. If that's not motivation for lovemaking positions, then what is!

Lovemaking position 1: Lay on your back, with a pillow under your butt. This little bit of extra height allows your woman to grind more effectively on your member, allowing you to penetrate her inside and out. Plus, you get a pretty good view!

Lovemaking position 2: Missionary. Boring? Don't give up on it just yet because women love some face-to-face, skin-to-skin, eye-to-eye sex. If it just isn't doing it for you, then wrap your arms around your girl so you have more control of the rhythm.

Lovemaking position 3: This position will not only give your lady the connection that she wants as mentioned previously, but it'll add a little spice to a lovemaking session. Place her on an object that is at waist level, get in between her legs and have fun. She'll feel close to you and you'll hit her g-spot perfectly.

Lovemaking position 4: Be the big guy and spoon the hell out of her. She will love feeling your body on hers and although there's no eye contact, she will be happy with the connection between the two of you. Plus, this position allows your hands to freely wander all over her body. Doesn't sound so bad after all, does it?

Lovemaking position 5: Think of doggie style, only lying down. Have your girl lie on her stomach, place a pillow under her pelvis and have her legs tight and straight. Straddle over her and enter. This is adventurous enough for both of you to not be boring, and not too raunchy, plus, she'll feel super tight this way!

You just have to convince her that you are making love to her. She doesn't need to know that you're picturing devouring her as you slowly make sweet love to her. However, if you're not good at that (you know you are) these positions are fun enough for you and satisfactory enough for her! You're both satisfied so it's a win/win situation!