The Power of Emotion

Imagine that you are the most powerful man in the world. Everyone is at your mercy and everyone obeys your every order and then something terrible happens. Terrorism, corruption, scandal and more, yet you remain cool, calm and collected. Are you any less of a man because of this? Let’s find out.

Men are not known to be emotional beings. Perhaps, stoic, insensitive and cowardly would be the best way to describe a man in the emotional arena. But that’s bigotry. Men feel emotions too, we just don't like to make a big deal of it.

But there is one emotion that men are fond of - ANGER. It is the only emotion that can motivate, guide and strengthen a man. Anger lets a man see, think and feel clearly, without bias from self-doubt, uncertainty or fear. Unlike women, men do not have the luxury of time to sit around, wallow and weep over any kind of emotion. This hinders a man to accomplish whatever it is that he’s trying to do. Men would rather go out with the company of others like the gorgeous London escorts than to spend time mulling over something. Even a faint hint of emotion is a sign of weakness for a man. And no woman wants to be with a weak man.

Most often than not, when men are angry they become aware of their faults and wrongdoings and the ways how they can get around them. This is the constructive effect of anger and rage to a man. But as every good story goes, there are always two sides to it. The destructive and often unfavourable side of anger is when a man uses violence to express his anger, often resulting in temper tantrums.

But men are not women, we do not succumb to our emotions entirely, we run with our minds and feel with our hearts. Men know what to make of their anger. We do not allow ourselves to be carried away by such intense emotions. There is very little truth in that men are not emotional beings, we are, we just don't show it, but we feel it. A strong, powerful and successful man knows when, where and who to show his true emotions to and his vulnerability. But as for the rest of the world, a man remains soulless. I would rather see a man of steel than easy prey in this dog-eat-dog world.