How to prepare for sex

Everyone loves sex, especially the escorts in London, because this the area in which they specialise. People, who say they don't love sex, have just never found the right person to rock their world. Hopefully they will find that person soon.

Preparing for sex doesn't just mean creating the right atmosphere, or wearing sexy underwear. One major factor that people often forget or look over when it comes to preparing for sex is hygiene. You can give the blonde escorts all the gifts in the world and be as charming as a prince in a fairy tale, but if you don't pay close attention to your personal hygiene, you will totally put her off.

1. Shave - This may not apply to all guys, as some may not have a lot of hair. If you don't want her to be twitching every time you kiss her, and you are not planning on growing a beard, then have a shave. Blonde escorts say that this is so much of a distraction at times, that it removes most of the pleasure from having sex. If you want to keep the momentum going then please shave.

2. Take a bath - It is never a good thing to go on a date with a blonde escort straight from work. You will have been sweating all day and won't have showered since the morning, so won't be very fresh. If you want to get a blow job from your date, make sure that you have washed before hand or else it won't be a very pleasurable experience.

Always take a shower before meeting with these escorts in London. Looking good and smelling good will make you feel more confident.

3. Masturbate - Sex is only good for the blonde escort if the man is able to keep up with her. Most men, if not all, ejaculate within a five minute period of entering a woman. Usually just as the woman is starting to get into the swing of things.

If you know that this happens to you then masturbate before you meet with the escorts in London. You will realize that you take longer to climax when you have penetrated her.

The last thing that you want to do is disappoint your Blonde escorts.

So guys remember, keeping clean doesn't cost anything, and may even get you a second date.