Promise an Orgasm

Of course you can get your girl off time and time again, but don't you want to know how to really make her toes curl? Do you want to know how to give her an orgasm that will send her over the edge of ecstasy? Well, of course you do! You are male after all! Be sure to experiment with these tips and see what makes her squirm, squirt and shiver!

While you are licking your girl out, place a finger (or two) inside of her at the same time and make a "come here" motion. Mix in some back and forth strokes and twirl your finger around. The combination of you licking her clitoris and fingering all parts of her vagina is a combination that never fails.

Speaking of which, whenever you can, stimulate her clit as well as her inner g-spot, and you're in for a wet one. Penetration of the G-spot and clitoris will always have her screaming for more.

Adding a little (or a lot) of grabbing and slapping to any and all of her body parts can never hurt, unless you both want it to. This will add some kinkiness to your sex life.

Instead of using your finger or tongue to massage her clitoris, use the tip of your head. Do this before, during and after your thrusts to send her wild. The constant teasing for both of you will make the finale so much bigger, louder and wetter!

Take her to a surprise place to have sex randomly, such as an empty car park or a field. Not only is public sex extremely fun for the both of you, but the spontaneous actions will have her wanting you instantly. The unexpected surroundings will help both of you forget about every day stresses and really let you get wild.

Of course, you always want to satisfy yourself and your girl as much as possible and these tips and tricks will not only add a little extra spice to your sex sessions, but they will also give you both a fierce fully explosive experience, plus, the more you please your girl, the more action you will get, right? Now what are you waiting for get your girl and start practicing!