Promising Orgasms Part Two

Every man wants to be a master in the sack. Oh, you already are, you say? Well, why not master your skills with the following tips and tricks that will be sure to send your girl over the edge? As always, some of these tips will work wonders for your girl while others may still work wonders (of course) but not as much as some. Play around with all of the following and pick and choose which ones work best for giving your girl a toe curling experience.

Doggy style is a great position for you to get great access to her inner G-spot and it also gives you an amazing view! As your girl is on all fours, enter her from behind and give her some hard thrusts as you reach around and stimulate her clit by rubbing it fiercely at the same time. It's the combo that never fails!

Provide your woman with some serious pressure and penetration on her clit. Using the palm of her hand, place it directly on her clit. Vibrate and gyrate your hand until it looks like a blur from moving it so fast. Of course, you may have to switch hands, but keep it going and soon enough, your girl will be unleashing a stream of cum. The thought of this action may be a little odd, but with the size of your hand and the fast movement, the pressure is placed all over her vagina instead of just her clit. Your hand will turn into her own personal vibrator with this trick!

Bring your girl's favourite toy to bed and you'll soon see why she loves it so much. Put the vibrator on the slowest speed and playfully tease her clit for a minute or two. Up the speed and insert it into her vagina and go down on her at the same time. It'll only take literally minutes before your girl starts screaming with pure pleasure.

If you really want to make your girl explode, the perfect way to do so is by penetrating her G-Spot. This wonder spot within the vagina can sometimes seem impossible to find, so be sure to insert your fingers once she is fully aroused and reaching her peak. The G-Spot will swell and allow you to hit the target bang on!

If there's anything these tips and tricks should have taught you, it's that the G-spot and the clit will always provide a thunderous orgasm, as long as you use these tips.