A quick guide to Sexual Satisfaction

Everyone wants more sexual satisfaction whether it's oral or otherwise, but not many people are willing to make the necessary changes to ensure that they are fully satisfied. If you believe that it is the duty of someone else to make you sexually satisfied then you are quite wrong.

You must first look at yourself and put yourself in the right frame of mind to be sexually satisfied. If you fail to do this then it does not matter what the open minded escorts have planned for you, you just won't feel satisfied. When you are relaxed and in the right mind-set, then you can now prepare to put the physical side of things into place so that you, as well as the London escorts can have the time of your lives.

  • Go out of the ordinary - Okay, here is where the reality check comes in and you will need to ask yourself a few questions

Are you good at sex?

What type of lover are you?

What are you willing to do to change those things that you don't like about yourself when it comes to sex?

Because we are only human, we tend to stick with things that bring us comfort but with comfort comes routine and also its friend boredom. Try doing something out of the ordinary tonight with the open minded escorts. Come away from the norm and allow your sexual appetite to get the better of you. Until you are able to really test those limits, you will never be fully satisfied.

  • Stimulate not only her body but her mind- As much as London escorts love being in control, they also enjoy it when you tell them exactly what you are going to do with them. Whilst men may be visually inclined during sex, the open minded escorts are more auditory inclined as all women are, so by whispering all the dirty little things that you are going to do to her, it will send off a trigger within her that will get her to want to please you more. It also increases anticipation which is always a plus during sex.
  • Try sex at a hotel - If you are accustomed to having the London escorts at your place then why not change location? Your mind works in mysterious ways, and once it knows that your location has changed it tries to figure out how you can utilise the space that you have the time with. Not only that, but the mere fact that you don't know anyone there and you can take a chance to do something you've never done before such as having sex on the balcony or having sex by a fireplace makes it all the more exciting and all the more worthwhile.
  • Guide her to your sensitive spots - Even though the open minded escorts know quite a lot about sex, they also know that they would be fools to believe that all men like the same things. Tell the London escorts what you want so that they will be able to please you. Don't be shy, remember she's there to help you.
  • Share your fantasies with her - Why not share some of the fantasies that you would like to accomplish with the open minded escorts? You may think that the London escorts may not go for them, but they may surprise you. If it's a threesome you want or even an orgy, the open minded escorts are sure to make it happen.
The greatest guide to your sexual satisfaction is knowing what you want from sex and what will satisfy your appetite. Once you know what you want you can put things in place with the London escorts to ensure that they become a reality. Nothing beats the feeling of being sexually satisfied after a night spent with the open minded escorts.