The Red Head

Thwack went the paddle upon flesh, the young man winced trying not to show pain for whenever he does a sharp spiked heel of the red head is jabbed into his balls. It had all started off as a bit of a joke and banter on a bet on a lads night out in Enfield, then the dare.

The Red Head was a well-known dominatrix in the Enfield area, well recognised by her severe bobbed haircut and piecing green eyes. She was a true dom in showing no mercy at all especially to young silly city boys who thought her line of work worthy of a joke. She loved to play hard anyway but teaching these lads a lesson was one she meted out the most severe punishment.

Guy soon sobered up when he realised he was tied to a St Andrews cross in the dungeon belonging to the Red Head. There was rubber matting around the room with several tethering devices anchored in the concrete floor protruding up through the mat. On one side was a small table with a variety of bowls, whips and implements. As much as he was apprehensive about this situation, there was something about her that he could barely contain his desire to carry her into a bedroom and fuck her. Guy's cock was rock hard and bent uncomfortably in his pants. He found the whole scene incredibly arousing and wanted to be treated badly by The Red Head. For some strange reason I found himself drawn to the cat o nine tails and wanted her to strike him. This was new territory to him and he liked what he saw.

As the cat o nine tails swished through the air, after the first three the burning stinging sensation gave way to waves of pleasure, especially when the tips caught the underside of his scrotum making his cock jolt with an orgasmic heat. Soon Guy was leaking pre cum and desperate for The Red Head to let him shoot his load, preferably in her.

The Red Head noticed the change and the fear giving way to pleasure, this made her very cross as she wanted to hate this arrogant young man, she wanted him to feel pain and intense humiliation. She decided at that moment to unleash him and hog tie to the various pulley systems which would allow her to manipulate him into a variety of positions. Nothing was hidden in the position she had him in, his entire crotch was exposed. She swallowed and refrained from touching his hard jutting cock. The star of his asshole seemed to beckon to her and she licked her lips as she made her way to the biggest dildo on the table, It was an ass that was made for plundering.

She yanked his head back with such force it took him by surprise, pressed her shaven pierced pussy into his face and demanded he suck her. Guy tasted the savoury clit of The Red Head and couldn't understand how something so delectable could belong to this savage women, he couldn't wait to bring her to climax. He did not know he was not allowed to make her cum without permission. The Red Head would decide who came, when and how even though she very much wanted the relief orgasm would bring. She decided to now claim that asshole as her own and reached for the dildo, she had decided to make him pay and take him dry she didn't care if he tore she wanted him to experience ultimate rough.

He howled like a bitch as The Red Head savaged his backside, at the same time she was slapping his ball sack, eventually wimpering gave way to waves of pleasure and he came with a force he'd never known before. He covered that red bob with his spunk and begged for more, he wanted to keep pumping his seed until he passed out. He was laid out a table to rest and was rewarded by her slippery vagina gliding up and down his crotch, he soon became hard again grabbed the Red Head and fucked her for dear life, he took her every way he could and used whatever instrument he could reach for. The tables were turned and she had released an inner dom in him. The dom became the sub and a new partnership formed.