Regular comes Back

Shelley met with a man for the last time last week. He had been in town for a couple of months and had become her regular, but he was heading back to his main office to continue his regular life back home. This was nothing for Shelley. She had clients come and go, and this was just another reference in her book. However, a week after their quick goodbye and even quicker fuck, Shelley began to crave him intensively. She would find herself constantly thinking of his beautiful cock and chiseled body that she had fucked at least once a week for the past couple of months. So she decided that he had to come back. His wife would never suspect anything and he could fly in for a business meeting.

A couple days later, there Shelley stood with her eyes locked on her regular client. They embraced in a hug and the scent of his body reminded her of the dirtiest times that the two have shared together. Not many words were exchanged, and Shelley and her client both knew what the intentions were. After all, they have been doing this meet-up for months.

"Take my body." She whispered into his ears as they continued to hug. Shelley leaned back and dropped her peacoat to the ground. She was naked.

"You're not wasting any time, huh?" He joked.

"Do I ever?" She smirked.

"Mmmm. I miss that pussy. Come here." He said as he lead her to the bedroom.

He sat on the bed and motioned Shelley to come closer to him. Her naked body straddled on top of him. He could feel the moisture seeping from her pussy. The two began kissing and Shelley could feel herself getting intensively wet as soon as his lips touched her. His hands slid down from her face and caressed her warm breasts. He trailed his tongue from her mouth, down her neck, along her collarbone and circled it around her nipples.

"I've missed you." Shelley said as she moaned from the pleasure of him playing with her nipples.

"What do you miss the most?" He asked.

"Feeling your gorgeous dick inside of me."

"Well then..." He said as he leaned his body back on the bed. Shelley unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his legs, leaving them to fall to the ground. She hovered her body over his ragging hard dick as she fondled her pussy in front of him. Shelley leaned forward and sucked and licked his neck, his chest, his nipples and up again. She knew this would get him excited. After all, he was a regular for months.

Shelley rolled to the side and on her back. Her client followed alongside and opened her legs as he kneeled inside of them. As soon as his dick entered her, she screamed. It felt like she hadn't had his dick in years. He moaned with her as they both entered the ecstasy that they had missed so bad. He leaned forward, resting his chest on her bare tits, slowing putting his cock in and out of her little hole. She gripped his back tightly, digging her nailed deep into his back. The feeling of his shapely manhood filling her pussy was about to make her cum so hard.

"Cum with me!" She said.


"Yes... We have all night for other rounds."

Her client agreed without any words as he reached his hands underneath of Shelley and gripped her ass tightly. He pounded his pussy deep and didn't stop for one second.

"I'm going to cum!" He managed to mutter in between his thrusts.

Shelley dragged her nails down his back and gripped her client's ass, throwing his dick so far inside of her as he quivered with pleasure. She began to squirt all over his dick as he filled her sweet hole with his fresh load. It seemed like the longest orgasm ever, as the two laid there with their naked, sweaty bodies moaning together. Once every last drop was on the other, her client pulled out and rolled to the side.

"... And what am I supposed to tell my wife about the scratches on my back?" He joked.