Rejuvenate Your Sex Life, Day And Night

Are you feeling naughty and wanting to get your girl ready and in the mood to try something new every day? Maybe you just want to try something different in your everyday sex life and are desperate to change things around a bit? Whatever your reason may be for reading this article, a little extra spice can never hurt. Start the pleasure at the beginning of the day, carry it through and finish with a bang!

Almost every man is a morning riser and surely your girl knows if you're one of the majority. What's the best solution to your morning glory? Starting your day off with a little kinkiness never hurts anyone. Ask your babe to give you a good morning wake-up call by sliding her hand around your package, just for a little tease. As if you needed a warm up, right? If she seems to be awake enough to enjoy some naughty morning fun and you will definitely know if she is, then why not start the day off by satisfying one another's needs in all ways imaginable? You might be a little late for work, but it'll definitely be worth it!

A great way to keep your sex life thriving throughout the day after an amazing morning session is with sensual, kinky emails and text messages. Send your girl a few messages randomly throughout the day and tell her everything from how gorgeous she looked this morning as she sucked your dick, to how naughty you want to get with her when you get home from work. Once she reciprocates the messages, let the anticipation build. Share what wild fantasies you want to indulge in once you're home. Hopefully by the time you arrive home at the end of the day, she'll be wearing nothing but high heeled stilettos and your favourite lingerie. There's nothing like ending a hard day's work by having your girl relieve your hard cock.

Now, once you come home, don't just strip down to your underwear and rush to get it on, have some fun first and tease one another. Use everything but your member to massage, caress and taste every single part of one another. Lick, suck, kiss, rub, massage, do it all. The build up of anticipation will make your explosion later on, so much better.

However, if you're the type of guy that likes to jump in the shower as soon as you return home from work, then invite her in to join you. Let the teasing and play continue, but focus on taking the fun from teasing to more pleasing, but remember to make sure you take your time. Enjoy one another's company and even more so, enjoy one another's bodies.