Rekindling the Fire

One day, you suddenly remembered your failed two-year relationship with your ex-girlfriend. The time you picked her up from work, had dinner at the exquisite French restaurant across the street, had a couple of dry Martinis, then straight to her place and had this steamy, late night sex. You smile, remembering how those good things were and now you want it to happen again. She was your first serious and long-term girlfriend. You broke up with her for a handful of reasons, but now you miss her so much and want her back. With the bad history you had with her, will it still be worth rekindling the fire?

Reminiscing past relationships happens to most men, but only a few consider reconciling with their ex-girlfriends and some would rather go out and date a young London escort. Men wonder if it will work the second time around or if it will just be a waste of time. You broke up for reasons, her being playful, her having less time with you, and the like, but with the things you two shared, it seems that a second shot might still be worth it. Here are four points you have to put in perspective:

Availability and Timing. Very important. This is the first thing you really need to know. Check if the coast is clear. If she’s single, exclusively dating or already taken. You don’t want to ruin someone else’s relationship and be called a home wrecker.

Changes. If she’s still the same old girl you used to know, with the bad stuff and the bad reputation, you might end up saying “history repeats itself.” Another good thing if she has new tricks up her sleeve, like a new car, a new place, a nice tan (that you’ve been fantasising she has), or simply she’s just gotten hotter.

Lastly, Feelings. The biggest catch. If she feels and does the same, remembering all the good memories you two shared, reconciling and giving it another try… That’s a good sign. If both of you feel and think the same way, it is more likely that the two of you could make it work for the second time. Unresolved feelings may help you find each other again… because it’s never really over.

Do not forget: if you really want to have this second chance, make things work for you and be better the second time around, for the key to success is determination. There’s no harm in trying with a determined heart and optimistic thinking. You’ll never know if rekindling an old flame is still worth it if you don’t give it a try.