Become a Man Worth Fighting for


Women are wondering where all the good men have gone. Are they with the London escorts? Women want men that are reliable and honest and understand what it means to be a real man. Sometimes we wonder if men even know what it means to be a real man. We want men who do what they say and say what they do. Women on the whole are tired of the deceit and the games that men play. This may eventually make us desire a London escort instead of a man.

In order to be termed a real man, a man must be able to show the following characteristics:

Take Responsibility Head On

Don't shy away from your responsibility as a man. Whatever the situation you should be able to control it if not the outcome, your own actions. Don't play the blame game. Take the consequences of your actions and learn from them. No one likes a tell tale.

Play your Role as the Leader

Everyone likes someone who is able to handle difficult situations like an expert. Men tend to avoid taking the lead for fear of criticism. With all the technology that is available, this is a very poor excuse. My advice to you is just GOOGLE IT!!!!

Don't be Afraid to Make Decisions

Making decisions can be a tough call since you could be held responsible if the outcome is bad. Nevertheless, it helps you to step in the other shoes for a moment and be empathetic. Women like men who can make decisions and stand by them no matter the outcome, since the outcomes can be altered by of course, more decision making by both parties. Men who are not afraid of making mistakes are those who tend to be the best decision makers.

Acknowledge Your Strength

Being a strong man does not only mean being a physically strong man. In this instance we are talking about men who are mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong. You may not be strong in all areas but that's why there is always need for improvement.

Strut Your Stuff

Being a manly man does not mean being macho but showing positive qualities of strength and decisiveness, self reliance and discipline, confidence and high moral qualities of honesty and discipline. Real men can handle pain, danger and difficulty, despite the feeling of fear that he has. Also understanding that he is doing his duty not only as provider but as protector as well.