Best Way to End a Relationship


Everyone knows that a relationship takes time and dedication. It has its up and downs and its successes and failures. But what if you just don't see eye to eye and there are more bad days than good, what next? You may truly be considering how to break up with this person with as little commotion as is necessary, but is that even possible? The question is, are you ready to move on with your life and is this the right thing to do?

After you have considered it and the answer is yes, you may be now wondering how to. Below are some helpful guidelines that you may want to consider.

Always be honest with the other person. Don't be afraid to tell them the truth however don't blurt it out uncaringly. Take the time to choose your words carefully.

There is never a right time to break someone's heart so don't look for the right time to ending a relationship.

Break up with the person face to face. You may be tempted to break up with them via telephone or text message but consider this. Is that how you would want someone to break up with you? I'm sure not. Even if you don't have the courage to do it face to face, write them a letter and ask if they would like to meet to discuss it. At least break up with them in a respectful manner

Make sure that this is really what you want to do or you'll be the one that regretted your decision in the first place. I'm sure Watford escorts will be able to cheer you up though.

When you have broken up make it a clean cut. Don't go running back every time she hears a noise in her closet or every time she needs a shoulder to cry on. That's the reason she has girlfriends. If you do this you are making it hard on the both of you to be able to move on with your lives.

Remember that you have shared a part of yourself with this person. It may be months or it may be years, it doesn't really matter because you have shared an intimate connection. So when you decide to break up with them, try to make it as pain free as possible and be prepared for the reactions that you may get from the other person.