Boredom – The key to Ending Wedded Bliss


According to a well researched study – Women are more likely to become bored in a marriage than Men folk. After a lengthy probing research program it is shown that men outside of a marital relationship are more likely to become bored with there partners whereas in a marriage the opposite seems to apply. Pep up your relationship with one of our flexibly minded and very discreet London escorts, who will add some extra spice to your flagging relationship.

The study engaged with many couples who were in long standing relationships, and questioned about there intimate lives together. One couple had been married for more than 35 years. The answers were quite startling with many questioned listing more than 70 reasons why boredom had crept into there relationships. To break the boredom attempt to bring a new spark of life into your waning wedded bliss. A second group were presented with the findings from the survey and asked to identify which reasons related to there own marriage.

Top answers included, the fun element had gone from the relationship, lack of communication between the partners, and the relationship feels like a chore and finally living in the shadow of parents scored highly. Other popular answers included the relationship was suffering from a dull and lifeless existence, and finally the butterflies in the stomach were no longer there. Variation is far from boring, and introducing more communication can make the relationship fun.

Comments from the well respected journal, “Personal Relationships” intimates that if street research was continued then the chances of getting to the route cause of relationship breakdown would most likely point to conflict, betrayal selfishness and the like. Whereas in reality, it is more likely to be a boredom factor that plays the greater part in the breakdown, which is indicated in the original research and is most likely to be or at least likely to be the correct answer. To answer your calling for excitement look at something different and enter the pleasure dome once again.