Breaking Up


So you just got out of a relationship but you can't quite figure out how and why your girl left you. You're suddenly feeling left in the dark, not knowing which direction to head to. In terms of dating, your idea of romance and possibly love has been shattered and it's not going to be the same again. But what if I tell you, that your woman broke up with you not because she don't love you anymore, but because she found your quirks and little annoyances a little too much for her liking, would you feel any different?

According to most London escorts, they start to cut ties with their patrons the minute they fall in love with them, which is good actually, so they don't end up misleading the men that they too, want something more than just a night of pleasure.

Now in the case of the modern gentleman, and by this we mean, those who are romantically inclined. But do not forget that they are men too and can engage in spontaneous, out of the blue casual sex. Breaking up can be quite a complication.

You see, men have excuses just as women have reasons, and one of the reasons why she left you is probably because you're too good to be true. And while the lyrics of the song don't necessarily mean a break up, the context of the subtext does.

Being too good, too available, too vulnerable is only advantageous for a while, but the minute you become comfortable with your woman, quirks and all included, you run the risk of losing her interest. And I mean this in all honesty, that truly no one wants to know what you do when no one is looking, and that includes your woman. Whatever you do when you're not together is for you to keep and you are only meant to share what you guys are supposed to share with each other. Like unexpected dinner dates, or some spontaneous partying after work and let's not forget the awesome sex you have every night at your home, these are the things that you should be sharing with her and not your sob stories about work, home and everything else in between.

Always remember that you're the man, you're the guy, you're supposed to be in control of the relationship. Now if a woman gets a hint that you're losing grip, her emotions and attention may start to shift, and you don't want that.

So what we can tell you all men right now, is to always keep the challenge, in fact, be the challenge.