How to buy her Jewellery


Do men really find jewellery shopping for a woman discouraging and intimidating? Do you feel the same way when it comes to choosing an escort? I think that the better word to use is challenging. Women tend to be indecisive at times when it comes to jewellery, they always want to make a fashion statement when stepping out in their bling.

When buying jewellery for a woman, try not to send mixed signals. Rings are a total no, no, when it comes to buying casual jewellery. Rings symbolise long term commitments and even an intention of getting married later down the road, so if you don't have intentions of doing either one then save yourself the hassle and buy her something else.

Asking her friends for advice is also something you need to stay away from. This means that one friend is keeping secrets from the other and your girl may get mixed signals from the both of you. The other negative side effect to this is if the friend misinterprets what you are saying and sends wrong signals to your girl. This method of using her girlfriend has more negative effects than positive ones. It may also be bad method asking an escort since she has never met your girlfriend. Her family members such as her mother or even her sister are the best sources for this especially if she spends a lot of time with them

Women don't come right out and let you know that they want jewellery, since buying your girl jewellery is a big step in any relationship. She may leave little hints along the way such as commenting on another woman's jewellery or just "popping" into the jewellers to see if they have anything new when you guys are at the shops. So basically you need to read between the lines.

You could also search her jewellery box or be observant with the different styles of jewellery that she wears. If she doesn't wear bracelets or earrings or chains don't run out to buy her an identification bracelet. This may sit in her jewellery box for a long, long time.

If all else fails don't be afraid to just ask her. Give her some time to decide what she really wants since she'll want it to be something special that symbolises the relationship between the both of you as well as have for a lifetime.

Just hope that she doesn't ask for an engagement ring!