Calming Down After an Argument


You just experienced the worst argument ever with your girlfriend. You can still feel the steam coming out of your ears and you know that she's still upset because you are hearing a lot of pot banging and cupboard slamming in the kitchen. Its late, but the both of you aren't sleeping because of the intensity of the argument.Now what?

As you probably know just based on the experience that you just had, arguments take part in all relationships whether they are minor or major. Even though this seems to be inevitable it is our response within a heated discussion that makes the world of difference. It is stated that if we as individuals can manage our stress levels, then and only then, would we be able to manage our conflicts successfully. If we are able to do this, we will be able to hear exactly what our partners or Watford escorts are communicating to us, but if our judgement is clouded then this wont happen and no resolution to the problem will be found.

This of course is easier said than done, which always seems to be the case especially if you girlfriend seems to be pressing all of your buttons at the same time. If you feel as though the only thing you are hearing her say is blah, blah, blah, then its time for the both of you to take a breather away from each other. Think about what was said and why it affected you the way it did and how you could change your response to get a more positive outcome. This again is another difficult task since we usually want to make sure that we get our point across to the other person.

Here are a few tips you can use if you need extra help calming down before, during or after an argument:

* Breathe deeply. Taking air in through you nose and releasing it out through your mouth. You can repeat this at least ten times.

* Use your imagination and place yourself in a peaceful place.

* Try listening to music that soothes you

* If you are able to try going some place that has running water like a water fountain or even the sea. Hearing the sound of the water will soothe anyone.

* If you have a dog or cat, petting him/her could be relaxing

* This may be a perfect time to take a warm shower. Too bad a Watford escort cant be in there with you.

* It is said that a warm cup of tea soothes the soul

* You can also try meditation