Could You be Friends with Your Ex?


I've been asked this question too many times and I am sorry but my answer would always have to be no, although there are people that will disagree because they say they have great relationships with their ex's, even the ones that are London escort.

The reason I totally disagree with their answer, is because how can you move on with someone else if you are still tied down to your past? To me it just does not seem logical. Most of the people that I know that claim they have great relationships with their ex's are using their ex's as friends with benefits. Is that what they call friendship?

If we had a mutual break up and I saw them in the street, I'm not saying I'm would pass them and ignore them, but I am saying that I wouldn't have a close relationship with them. We shared something in the past and now its over. Why would I want to prolong something like that when I could move on with someone who I could actually see myself settling down with in the future?

Relationships are already complicated and by adding my ex to the mix it complicates it even more. In this instance I would also need to take into consideration the feelings of my new partner as they may feel awkward about the relationship. I don't know about you but I am not willing to sacrifice what could be, on something that once was. Like I said, it just isn't logical.

If children are involved in the past relationship, then I would be civil but it does not mean that every time I threw a house party or went clubbing I would be calling this person to come with me and my friends because they are my ex. For the sake of the children I would be civil, to ensure that the children were comfortable at both homes.

Nope sorry. My new partner deserves more respect than that. I mean how would you feel if every time you saw your girl you saw her with her ex. What would you think?

For all the people out there that have good relationships with their ex's, well hats off to you, but this is just my personal opinion and this is what works best for me. Moving from one stage to another should be everyone's goal in life, not taking one step back because your ex cant get enough of you.