Creating the Environment for Romance


You want to do something special for your girl but you are on a tight budget. How about having dinner at your place? I'm not on about the weekly Chinese food out of a box that you might share, I'm talking about going first class and setting the mood for a romantic evening.

Preparing your place for a romantic evening is more than just the dimming of the lights and playing the slow tunes that you see in the movies. When planning your romantic evening you are going to have to incorporate all five of your senses in order to pull it off. Don't worry, its not as difficult as you think.

Lets start with the visual elements first. You will want to make sure that your place is up to scratch, in other words, get cleaning. Make sure that everything is in its right place. When it comes to setting the table where the meal will take place, don't be afraid to bring out the big guns. This is not the time for plastic tupperware. Think of your home as a small restaurant and set the table as such, using all glassware, including your wine and water glasses, and to top it off use real napkins.

Now that you have that part completed, its time to enhance the smell of your apartment. Buy real flowers, not those plastic types with the scents, and set a few in places around the home. You can add some scented candles if you want but ensure that everything is the same scent. You don't want to have your scents clashing with each other.

When it comes to the menu, you have a choice of cooking or ordering a three course meal. Remember you want to impress her so burger and fries wont work. You are not dining with a Heathrow escort. When it comes to the drinks, make sure that you choose a drink that she likes, whether its her favourite cocktail or a fine wine.

When she arrives, make sure that the stereo is already on. Start with music that is soft yet up beat and as the night progresses you could slow it down even more. If you are unsure of what type of music to play, you can ask a Heathrow Airport escort to help you out.

You have all the things set in place for the dinner, now lets take a look at after dinner. You will want to have made sure that the sofa is clean and the cushions are plumped up so the both of you can continue to enjoy the evening cuddled in each others arms or if you have a nice soft rug you could use that as well. Don't forget to light the candles.