Dating Your Friend’s Sister = Disaster


In every man's life there comes a time when he totally loses his judgement and he falls head over heels with a girl he is not supposed to. Number one on that list is your friends sister!!! That's right. You friends sister is a sacred being and should be left untouched by a man's friends. The same goes for his Essex escort.

You may not have known how it happen or when it happened, but here it is now in your face and the more you try not to think about it, the more your mind wraps itself around the possibility that you could actually have a relationship with her despite the fact that she is off limits.

Wanting to move from your friends friend to his brother-in-law is a big step and by now you are aware of it. Here is how it will play off if you decide to take on that challenge.

If the relationship between you and your friends sister does not work out because you messed up, it may ruin your friendship forever. Are you willing to take that chance? Its not as though she is a Essex escort. It would no longer be you and your friend in one corner against the entire world, it would now be you standing in the corner by yourself while your friend watches you like a hawk from the sidelines. Who wants to live under that kind of pressure?

Remember blood is always thicker than water and if you slip up he may get the brunt of it since after all it is his friend that crushed his sisters heart. Are you willing to put him through that?

Have you known your friend since the first day of nursery school and his parents consider you their son? Now imagine going up to their door on a Friday night with a bouquet of flowers with the intentions of taking out their daughter, their expectations of you are going to be extremely high and they will expect you to be the one to marry their daughter.

Just imagine if you break their daughters heart, you not only lose their respect but you also destroy another relationship that took years to build just for one relationship that may not last. Is it worth it?

Last but not least, you can no longer talk about the hot sex you had with your girl the night before. No man wants to sit and listen to someone describe his sister in a sexual manner. Its just plain wrong.

So there you have it. If after all of this you still want to pursue the relationship, well good luck but remember if you play with fire you are bound to get burnt.