Dealing with Low Libido


A couples sex life is confronted with challenges. Men and women have varying needs when it comes to sex and each has their own issues to deal with.There's nothing wrong with communicating your needs in your sex life especially if there is a growing discontent. It probably has nothing to do with our tool/s but its probably how we do use them to make it engaging and enjoyable.

Women love to talk and they're good at it. Ask what they want and they'll surely start reeling off their concerns and if you're clever enough to take down notes then you'll come to possess some useful information you'll need to improve your sex life.

Women are not as open as men in topic concerning libido and they become shy and uncomfortable at times when such a topic is raised. But go real slow and depending on their level of openness you'll be able to hit the spot that will help them speak up about how they feel about their role in your relationship.

The Monthly Visit

The same issue applies when you're with a London escort. A professional relationship between an escort and a client becomes healthy when each party share their views about their concerns with each other (if there are any) and lay down some ground rules on what's appropriate and what's not.

We men will also need to be more respectful about women because they do have to deal with their period every month if you know what I mean. Women differ from men due to the unique hormonal event that they experience monthly which explains their characteristic mood swings. Going slow with the pace and discussing the loss of libido in your relationship can go a long way and help resolve conflicts guilt-free.

Its a partnership

It takes two to tango and this applies to any relationship. And like any other concerns among a couple, the result will be more successful if both partners decide on things together and work on different erotic possibilities to bring back the life into your sex life.

Age can be a determining factor in loss of libido although women are more prone to this as they hit the ages of 45-55. Menopause, as they always say, is a critical stage in woman's life when they stop producing eggs and a drop in hormone levels typical to women (estrogen and progesterone) happens. This event produces physiological as well as psychological mood swings and can also be a reason for the loss of sexual drive in some women.

Aside from age, disease can also be a factor in the loss of libido and in this case, immediate medical attention is needed in order to find out the reason for the loss of sex drive. Be vigilant and seek medical help straight away if you suspect that your partner could be suffering from an illness.