Ending a Relationship


Have you ever been in a relationship and you get up every morning wondering what you are doing there? Well if you haven't then I have. If you are in a relationship that does nothing but bring you down in every way possible, then its time to let it go. You may say, well the person may change or things could get better. That is your first mistake, denial

If you are with someone for three years and you are still thinking that, then maybe you do deserve to be there. You could talk to your girlfriend until you are blue in the face, but if they don't want to change then they wont. Why waste any more time in a relationship like that. Its time to pack up and move on.

No matter how wrongly you have been treated in a relationship, breaking it off can be difficult because this person has been a part of your life for so long but there are some humane ways in which you can end your relationship without a backlash.

Meeting in a public place may help you to break the news a little easier since the other person may be too embarrassed to make a scene. If you are the home owner, you may give her a little time to be able to find another place to live and collect her stuff. If however you have moved into her place, then it may be best to remove your things before you end the relationship because you may not get back all your property in one piece if you know what I mean!

Even if you may have been the person who has been ill treated in the relationship, you need to be as gentle as possible. Avoid any physical contact however as that may lead to mixed signals. Explain why you are ending the relationship and ask her if she has any questions that she wants answered. This will give the both of you an insight as to what you will need to work on in your next relationships. You may be lucky to end up with a Woodford Green escort As tempted as you may feel, don't end you relationship via email, telephone call, text message or letter. These ways of ending a relationship may cause chaos and confusion. It is also just not ethical. It doesn't give the other person a chance to find out or discuss this with you, leaving them with continuous doubts. The least you can do is show them that respect even though they may not deserve it.