Equality in your relationship


Up to this day, I ask myself if any relationship is ever really balanced, especially those that involve London escorts? It seems as though at any one time, one person is pulling their weight in one area more than the other. Why is this so? Is that the way relationships are meant to be or are we capable of improving our relationships to what we really want them to be?

Everyone always talks about how a relationship is 50/50 and I have always wondered about this? Why should a person only give 50% of themselves to the relationship? A person should give 100% in any relationship if they really want it to work out in their favour, 50% just isn't enough.

I am sure that you have noticed in your relationship that there are certain things that you do more of than your partner and vice versa. Is this how you guys really intended it or did you just fall into those categories over time? I know that for me personally I get tired of doing the same thing over and over, especially if I have a lot going on in my schedule. Sometimes it even seems that if I don't do that particular chore, that it does not get done. Why is that?

The reason for this is that there has been a communication break down within the relationship. Everyone is just too busy doing their own thing to take the time out to talk about the little things because they can't take 10 minutes off to talk about something that bothers them. It is assumed that since you are accustomed to doing it that you should always be the one responsible for it.

How unfair is that? How do you like paying for dinner every time you and your girl or London escort go out? I'm sure she feels the same way when it comes to doing the household chores. It's not enough to be in a relationship and just accept things the way that they are. If you don't like what's going on, then set a time and a place to have an adult conversation about it.

Too many times in our relationships we feel as though we are taken advantage of, but we never voice our opinions, leaving that anger to build up into something more than it should. We all want to be happy in our relationships and we could, they just need work like anything else that we do in life.

Your relationship is an extension of how you are, and if you want grow and flourish like the things around you, and then you need to continuously nurture it in the way that you would want.

No relationship is perfect, but we sure can get as close to perfect if we just try.