A Father’s Touch


In life we all face challenges, even if you are as gorgeous as a Heathrow escort, but through these challenges we should not allow it to bring us down but it should allow us to learn something about ourselves. As a father it should not matter whether or not your children live with you or whether you just have visitation rights, your children should be your pride, your joy, your world and as their father you should want to do what is best for them.

There are too many absent fathers not just from the homes of their children but from their children's lives. I understand that yes things may not have worked out between you and their mother but by not making yourself present in your children's lives you are making a negative impact on their lives.

Some children may feel abandoned and act out because they don't have the love of their father. There may be an uncle or a close family friend that may be able to fill that role but the reality is that no one could take the place of a father.

When you were having sex with the Heathrow escort or your then girlfriend/wife the sperm and the egg did not say ok its time for us to fuse I'm ready to be born. No way did that happen. Your children did not ask to be here so, please do not deny them the love and attention that they deserve just to get back at the other person because the only persons that will hurt in the process are the children.

The time that you spend not being with your children could never be returned. Every event every memory that you miss is a memory that your child also has of you not being in their lives. Your child does not care who cheated, who stole money, who was beat up in your relationship, unless of course it is older children. Younger children are very mutual and all they want is to spend time with their father.

It is very important as a father to spend one on one time with your children. At times its ok if you spend time with them with other people but you must spend time with them alone to get to know them better, understand what kind of person they are growing up to be.

Being a father is a privilege as well as an honour and it should be taken seriously.