Getting Dumped not so bad


Getting dumped is one of the worst feelings in the world. Even if people act as if it’s easy to get over a break up, believe me, it's one of the most difficult experiences. The heartache that comes with being dumped may last months or even years depending on the duration of the relationship. It's not easy getting over someone and moving on especially if you once thought of marrying that particular person. It hurts doubly if you thought of that person as the center of your universe.

The moment you hear the words "we're over" it's painfully indescribable. Half of your brain is trying to hold back the tears. You’re trying your best to prevent your tear ducts from filling up and overflowing, You're trying your damndest to keep it together and avoid breaking down whilst the other half is trying to hold your heart together and prevent it from breaking into pieces.

You hope that time will move faster so the pain will just fade away like the quick pain felt when ripping a plaster off of a cut, but it's nothing like that. In fact, the feeling is the complete opposite.

It's not like you can't do anything about it. For guys, it's definitely easier to move on. Going out for a few drinks is one way to get over being dumped. Another way is picking up girls. Spending time with London escorts can be a step closer to moving on from being dumped. You will need company to distract you from heartache. Having a companion for a night or two will help to distract you from all the memories you had with the girl that dumped you.

For guys, being with another woman is the best distraction. Being dumped is a momentary thing that will pass with time. Eventually you'll be back on the dating scene. You just need to keep busy and remember that time will heal the pain.