Great sex secrets


Everyone wants to boast about the great sex life that they have. Some people may even exaggerate their sex life so that it appears as though it's all good. But why go through the trouble of spinning stories when you can get the sex life that you've always wanted? No tricks, just great ideas that you can use in and out of the bedroom with or without your Chelsea escort that will definitely improve your sex life.

Sex isn't just about penetration anymore, there's a lot more to it than that this. A great way of improving your sex life is by sharing your fantasies with your partner, even those that include a Chelsea escort. Do you know what the most important sex organ in the body is? No it's not your penis, it's actually your brain. This is where it all begins. If it doesn't start here then it won't start at all.

Fantasies are great since they tend to rekindle the flames that were once there, encouraging both people to feel desired as well as desirable. They also help people reach orgasm and erection a lot faster than anything else. Keep things fun and the nice thing about it is that the both of you set the rules so you get as dirty as you want, literally. Try it, it works.

If you've been having sex for quite a while, you can see the possibility of how monotonous it can be at times. The same place, time and even position the same time every time. This is a time to be creative. Try different places that seem daring or places that you never thought you would have sex. You can even try different times for having sex. If you are accustomed to having sex only at night, then why not try having morning sex to start your day right? Get out of the routine of sex, be spontaneous.

Porn can be used to enhance your sex life but it needs to done with modesty. Don't expect her to do everything that you see and vice versa. Women don't want a porn star in bed, they want someone that they can connect with on an intimate level. You can watch porn together and if you see something that you both want to try then that's fine. Don't press the subject of porn since this topic can be a touchy one.

Keeping your body in shape is a great way to boost your stamina as well as strength during sex. It is shown that aerobic exercises improve your blood flow which helps you to achieve an erection.

Eating a balanced diet with fruit and vegetables also helps your juices to taste different which can be a pleasant surprise for her and a great climax for you.