Great Ways to Initiate Sex


Are you the type of guy that initiates sex by pulling down your girls underwear while she's asleep? If you are, trust and believe that she is rolling her eyes in the dark waiting for you to be finished so she can go back to sleep. That is one of the worst ways known to women, yes London escorts as well, to initiate sex. Not only does it turn them off completely but it goes to show how off your game you are when it comes to pleasing her.

Sex or for want of a better term making love, should always include the participation of both parties not just one. Before having sex, the both of you should be aroused enough to be in the mood to actually want to take part in the sexual act. It isn't any fun for your girl to be awakened from her sleep to you trying to push your member into her. That just isn't right.

Why not try new methods so that the both of you could get the most out of the experience, because eventually your girl will wear a lot more clothing to bed as well as reject you even if you try to have sex while she is awake. Trying new methods will serve in your best interest.

There are many adult board games out there that the both of you can play. These games are intriguing, fun and allow you to get to the point of arousal that feels great without having sex. These games are great ways to get you both stimulated which turns into great sex. You could also ask a London escort to join you if your girl allows it.

Dancing is a great way to initiate sex. Your girl gets to dress up and show off her goods, which is only one good reason to take her dancing. The next reason is guess who shell be dancing with whole night? Yep, that's right you. Depending on the nightclub you choose and the type of music that is playing, you could maintain an erection for the whole night with her grooving on your member. Women also like to take your hands and rub it over their bodies as they dance which is an initiation in itself that they are hot and ready. Choosing the right night club is important if you want this initiation to work.

You could also try cooking a meal for her. You could invite her to help you in the kitchen while you happen to rub against her while getting ingredients to finish the meal. Eventually she would be returning the favour.

Sex should never be monotonous because it tends to carry down the hype of the relationship. Keep the sex rate up with great initiations and your relationship will continue to bloom and flourish.