It did not work out


We have all been in relationships and we all hoped that it would last forever but it did not, like the ones with the London escorts. Why do we often see that as an omen and not a blessing in disguise?

Going through the effects of a bad relationship helps us to learn more about our strengths and our weaknesses. It helps to build character as you are forced to look within yourself and examine what is there. Maybe the relationship ended on a sour note and she yelled a few things before picking up her last bag and walking out the door. Was she right? Did you really do everything that she accused you of? Despite the fact that it was said out of anger, it doesn’t take anything away from the truth of the matter.

Playing the blame game really does not help you either. It might make you feel a little better slandering the other person’s name, but all that anger and hate is not healthy. Analyse the relationship and figure out where you went wrong and what you could have done better so that you won’t make the same mistakes in your relationships to come.

One of the hardest people for us to judge is ourselves. We have no problems with pointing our fingers at others but we always tend to justify why we did what we did whether it was the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do.

Growing and learning is a healthy part of life. Some lessons are good while other lessons you wished you never had to go through but you did and it will make you a better person for it once you chose to find the positive lessons from the negative experiences. It isn’t always easy and it won’t always be easy to find the lessons right away.

Keep your heart open and your love ready and available, because the one that you may spend the rest of your life with may follow the bad apple that you just got rid of. I’m not saying rush into a relationship as soon as one is over, but don’t shut down completely and miss any one in a lifetime chances, like having a night out with a London escort, without seriously considering the options.

Don’t take bad situations for granted. They happen to you for a reason, so remember to find the lesson and use it to your advantage because any type of knowledge whether good or bad is power that you can use in the future.