Maintaining a solid foundation


You are working hard to ensure that one day your family will become financially secure. You are working late hours and your wife may secretly think that you are with a London escort as you no longer have any free time because you are currently occupied with private jobs to bring in some extra cash. Your relationships at home seem stable and it appears that you have nothing to worry about and then BANG!! The foundation that you thought was once sturdy now seems to crack and bend at the hinges as though it is ready to collapse under its own weight and you wonder to yourself, “When did the structure start deteriorating?” You took the time to refurbish the house but you were paying little attention to the foundation of the building.

Relationships are just like that. At times we seem so preoccupied trying to accomplish one thing that our other priorities seem to fall by the wayside where they collect dust and cobwebs. Ensuring that your family has a financially stable future is all well and good but we must remember to never lose sight of the other goals that we have also set for the other areas of our lives.

The key to ensuring that your foundation does not collapse around you is balance. Do not wait until the roof blows off of the house before you decide you need to get a new one. Continuously take the time to evaluate your relationship and fix the little things before they get out of control even if you feel the urge to call a London escort.

Make sure that everyone has a clear understanding of what their role and function is. Set a time where you can get together and evaluate and do some problem solving of any situation that may have arisen since your last meeting.

Allow everyone the time and space to say how the changes in the relationship are affecting them and together you can come up with helpful coping skills that will be able to help them deal with the situation in a more positive way.

Keeping the lines of communication open is essential to the success of any relationship. From the time one party feels as though they are not being heard they tend to withdraw from the relationship.

Communication doesn’t only mean talking about what bothers you in the relationship but it also refers to listening and understanding what is being said to you therefore leading you to understand what is required of you to make the relationship successful.