Make Her Want More


Relationships and dating are just games of emotions, and it doesn't have to be a bad thing, as long as you do it right. Playing games in a relationship is definitely a big no-no to most women, and they most definitely will notice and have a strong disliking to any mind games you pull from your sleeve. This is the difference between playing games and following the rules of the relationship game. Here are some of the most important "game" rules you do (or should) follow when on a date, or in a relationship.

The biggest relationship rule for men that is always going to keep her wanting more and the same rule applies to London escorts is by allowing her to want more. Sounds silly, right? Avoid sharing every single detail of your every single day all the time. This will make her curious and want to ask questions and be intrigued about your days. However, playing this too hard can sometimes backfire, so make sure to have a medium. You don't want to come off as sketchy! Contrary to what most men believe, a woman doesn't like a bad boy - not for long anyway.

With that said, be a bad boy. Confused? There is also a very important rule to this dating rule. Confused again? Woman are attracted to men that are strong, confident and independent which are all traits of typical bad boys. Woman also like men who are adventurous and ready to take on any challenge. However, if you're pushing drugs or fooling around with other woman - this will probably be a little too much "bad boy" for her and she will run in the opposite direction.

If you want to make the woman come back for more, be sure to let her know that you're into her, and care for her. Sending her a simply text stating that you are thinking of her and nothing else for a couple hours will let her know that you are interested, but independent and have your own things going on.

Alas, put down your phone! As I said, go ahead and send her a simple text but please do not sit there instantly messaging your whole entire day and life to her for hours on end. If you are doing this, you need to reread the first paragraph of this post. Let her ask questions! If you are consistently texting or calling her telling her everything, what is there left for her to be curious about? Plus, it gets annoying for most woman.

Relationship rules are all about being tough, but not too tough. Soft, but not too soft! Sure, you're excited to immediately message her about your promotion at work and go ahead and do so! However, always leave her asking for more. "Hey! I just got that promotion at work that I've wanted!" When she asks about it, respond (after a few moments) and let her know that you'll tell her all about it later.