The Male Brain - The Reason Behind Cheating


For the average man, photos of attractive women, provocative or not is perhaps as essential as breathing and maybe healthy to keep the human race alive. But sometimes women tend to see this as a deliberate act of perversion rather than male appreciation. Remember, men are notorious for finding fertile women.

But before you find that woman you want to be with and have children with, its best to understand how your brain works. It is not new to a lot of people that men focus on the visual appeal of things and that includes women. From large breasts to small waists and voluptuous hips, men are ingrained to these since the beginning of time and there's no denying that it only gets better. This can be called as man trance, a phenomenon when a man sees nothing but what he likes and only what he desires.

If you must know, the male brain thinks about sex almost all the time. It is in his top priority list. In fact, it is designed to pursue sex. For this reason alone, you cant blame men for wanting to have sex all the time. Believe it or not, men are preoccupied about sex more than they are with anything else. As a matter of fact, most Epping escorts see men whose libido and sexual drives are on a totally different level, and dating isn't an exception, men who like to date women and take them out to fancy dinners are more likely to get laid.

Men and women, however alike have varying mating patterns. To men, mating is an instinctual behaviour, an effect of their being, their biology, but this does not justify cheating. Men believe that mating with several women will most likely give them as much offspring as they wish. But little or no proof of this can be found.

Cheating is in another league. Men and women cheat, but men do it more often, only because of their short vasopressin receptors- the hormone responsible for keeping a man dormant at home and faithful to one woman. Yes, there's a one-woman hormone in the brain of a man that if triggered well can actually result to a lasting marriage. Studies have shown that majority of the men have short versions of the vasopressin receptors which accounts for a lot of philanderers nowadays.

But despite all this, biology never dictates destiny. A male brain may be geared towards the pursuit of sex but humans possess willpower, the most powerful tool against instinct. Men cant and will never be able to get away with cheating even if its in their genes.