Why "Nice Guys" Never end up with the Girl of Their Dreams


Great! You've just been labelled a "nice guy". Translation: you're going to end up alone. Why? Because nice guys never get the girl they want. You want to test that theory?

More often than not, nice guys are seen as soft, sweet, sensitive men. But if you know what men really are or how they should be, you wouldn't want to be described as such. Nice guys score a perfect 10 in the scoreboard of women, but who wants a perfect boyfriend? You see if you're a man who's trying to leave his mark on this world, being branded as the nice guy is probably the last thing you would want to happen. There is nothing good in being the nice guy, except of course if you want to be sharing secrets with a woman rather than having sex with them.

Men are made for walking, literally. If you're a man who wants to get a woman, being overly sensitive and emotional wont help. A man only shows his emotions when it matters, no ifs or buts. If you want women to want you, you've got to show them what they're potentially missing out on. Playing hard to get doesn't just apply to women. Make it challenging for them, simple things like not returning their calls or messages might just do the trick. Men don't bend over, women do that for us!

In the event that you meet a woman who is physically attractive just like the Golders Green escorts your initial course of action should be to objectify her. Not all women want to be taken out to dinner, although most would prefer that. Other women would think that it would be awesome if the guy would be brave enough to bring his girl to his apartment and have a wild and passionate night. Nothing is more special to her than knowing she is desired physically. They would rather have that than your cheesy idea of romantic getaways.

Sometimes, we want to be nice, but being a pushover isn't being nice, its being the nice guy. Women don't need nice guys if they end up being pushovers. If they needed someone to step on and walk on over, they'd have an entire pass of men waiting for them. But women want men who are assertive, passionate, dedicated and committed to being a man. If you are or can be any of these things, then you're sure to succeed in bed, in the office and in life. And always remember, Nice guys never get the woman.