Partners Who don’t Trust Their Men with Cash


Taken from a survey and the resulting report, it is claimed that one in three women do not trust there partners with financial issues, and do not believe that keeping up with the bill payments is something there partners can commit to.

A further impact of this mistrust is that, according to the survey, wives or partners will not take financial advise from there counterparts due to the uncertainty and the lack of ability to deal with money in general. This is a stab in the back for mankind, do we males trust our partners with finance and the holding of the purse strings, I think in a lot of cases not.

Women are more likely to attempt to solve financial problems themselves, according to the latest statistics. 90 per cent of women especially London escorts, who took part in the survey admitted that they would no longer be willing to trust there Bank Managers and a further 87 per cent would not trust Politian’s. In light of recent disclosures would you trust either of these sources for advice, the Banks are only in it for what they can extract from you and Politian’s are currently struggling to work out there expenses, what has this world come too!

This role reversal has now put women in a much stronger position where the making of life changing decisions is concerned. Women, as we are all well aware, are very quick on the uptake and have become much faster learners than us genteel men-folk, so who wears the trousers in your household, come on be honest with yourself.

This survey has also found that there is a likelihood of a major reversal of the traditional roles taking place in the household. The female matriarch is now well and truly established whilst the traditional head of the home, man, is faltering and taking on the more unimpressive roles in the home such as cooking, cleaning and looking after the children.

Is this a resurgence in women’s lib or hopefully for us men-folk just a fad, only time will tell.