Post Rejection Period


The long period after a rejection can be a bit too lonely at times. Thinking that you had banked all your emotions on someone then they turned you down or chose somebody else over you can really be empty. It is very important that you learn how to move on after any relationship rejection and get back to how things were before the heartbreak happened. There are a few things you can do to make sure that you stay intact mentally and emotionally.

Considering that you are single again, it is important that you stay that way for sometime. Re-examine yourself and pick yourself up before moving on. This means that you are single, but not available for a serious relationship. Remember that you and your life matter most and therefore this free time should be dedicated to finding out what you want the most. Stop feeling bad about yourself and stop blaming yourself for what happened. This will only worsen things for you.

Try focusing on the things that make you feel good inside. This may be anything from charity work, music, art, or entertainment. Anything that keeps away the negativity. This will help to keep a positive attitude and also help you to move forward. Stay positive with yourself and always stay well groomed.

You can have some company at times when things are a little too quiet. This can be an escort or two to help make you smile and feel attractive again. London escorts are quite favourable in such lonely times. The company of a London escort can help bring a sense of self-worth back to you and knowing that someone does appreciate you the way you are, even though someone else rejected you, shows that this is a part of life and we must all go through it at one time or another. Also consider your family and friends. This little bit of heartbreak shouldn’t be forever. Remember that they care for you and the slightest bit of depression can affect your relationship with them.

Spend time with your friends too as they can offer a bit of comfort during this period. If you feel it’s taking too long to heal or you are having trouble coping, seek some counselling from a professional. This may have been more severe than any other heartbreak and if not dealt with properly can then lead to serious consequences between you and the people around you. Rejection is part of life. How you handle it matters most.