Prevention is better than Cure


Familiarity is the pitfall of every relationship. In fact, a significant number of women think that being too comfortable in the relationship may actually cause them to go looking for an exit strategy. But what if you can prevent this from happening? What if you knew how to bring back the spark and ignite the fire once more? Let’s look at some foolproof ways to make sure that your relationship isn’t on its way to a bitter ending.

The most basic thing you need to know in order to keep things exciting and interesting is to be spontaneous. Spontaneity kills off routine, familiarity and predictability, it breathes new life into the relationship. It helps fuel excitement and attraction to each other.

Being too comfortable in the relationship may actually just worsen the problem, why? Because the couples already share so many things in common, it’s as if they are living the same life but in two different ways. You may find it hard to believe, but some of the best and most memorable relationship milestones may trigger the end of your relationship. Marriage, starting a family and living together are just some of the things that a London escort enumerated when asked what made her end her relationship to her husband of 5 years. She said that even the sex wasn’t great anymore. It falls right above boring but right below mediocre; something that most women do not wish to experience in their relationship.

As a man, it is your job to keep the woman as excited as possible, and it starts in the most intimate of places: your bedroom. You share a bed with the woman you love so you should never allow your limitations and insecurities to come into play at this point. Women always want to be surprised, most especially in bed. You can start by adding a few more sexual positions into your normal bedroom routine, increase the number of times you have sex in a day, or even try some sex toys that can help her reach orgasm. These may be simple things but their effects go a long way in your relationship.

Another way of doing this is by doing spur-of-the-moment activities. Take her out to dinner more often, party with her and her friends at their favourite bar or visit her at work during lunch breaks. These things keep her excited and make her anticipate what you’re going to do next, something that you’d really want in a relationship. After all, everything is better compared to dozing off on Jeremy Kyle!

Don’t be a victim of this relationship curse. While most men lose their individuality being in a couple, you should always reserve a night or two for yourself. Spend it like a man, have fun with your buddies but be sure to go home to the right woman. The happiest and most successful couples are individuals who enjoy being together while living two separate lives.