Are You Ready for the Big Move?


You both decided that its time to take the next step in the relationship and move in together which means no more London escorts Most couples see this as a natural process in their relationship but are the both you ready for such a commitment or are you just doing it because other people have?

Before moving in together you need to consider how strong the relationship is as well as if it would be able to withstand the upcoming big event, since moving in together could very well make or break your relationship. Meeting your girl and seeing her out is very different from waking up next to her every morning, so make sure that you are both comfortable about the move.

One reason that you should not move in together is to save money by sharing a place as beneficial, as that can could lead to unwanted territory where one person may want to leave the relationship but chooses to stay because of their financial status.

When looking for a place, make sure that you both agree that is what you are looking for. No one person should just come and say, Well I've made a deposit on the place and we can move in by Saturday, you would then be starting off on the wrong foot. Remember this is no longer a you and I thing, it now becomes an us thing, so you would need to start making important choices together and this should be the first one.

Women love to decorate a new place, yep, London escorts as well, its in their nature, however, she needs to understand that she would not be the only one that would be occupying the space. The apartment should be a combination of both your personalities. If you cant decide on how to decorate the apartment and you both get into an argument then you have rushed into the living together phase too quickly.

Now that you both have set up house you will really get to see what the other person is like. All masks come off at this time and there isn't anywhere to run and hide. This is the true test of the relationship to see if you can still love the person despite their not so pleasant ways.

Finances and chores should be discussed so each party would know what is expected of them. When decisions are made, stick to them, no matter what. It shows maturity as well as your commitment to making the relationship work.

Remember this is new to the both of you so take your time since it would take a while for the both of you to adjust to the arrangements. Happy living !