Sex or Love


When asked this question, most men would say sex. What is it about sex that is so intriguing? But when you are in a relationship things tend to be a little different as opposed to if you are just having one nighters with the Harrow escorts. A real relationship is founded on the basic principles of respect, communication, honesty, trust, love and yes, by some extension sex. Can a relationship really last on sex alone?

My personal belief is that sex and love go hand in hand in any healthy relationship, because while men may be constantly thinking about sex, the woman in the relationship is constantly thinking about the aspects of love. Now don't get me wrong, there are women out there that love sex but they give it only under the right circumstances.

The amount of sex that takes place in a relationship depends on quite a number of things. There are men however that just prefer to have sexual relationships only and who have been able to upkeep them for quite a number of years with Harrow escorts, but if you are ready to really settle down then you really need to consider your priorities in the relationship.

If a woman does not feel secure or loved in her relationship, her sexual drive decreases tremendously, but add lots of love to the relationship and you are guaranteed to get sex as many times as you heart desires. She may even be able to teach those Harrow escorts a thing or two about love.

A relationship built only around sex only brings contentment for a short period of time. Sex is just used as an object to help deal with every day stresses that you get from life. It serves only to bring self-gratification.

In any relationship, you need to understand the needs of the other person in its early stages and then you can decide whether or not you need to move on. Everyone is entitled to happiness in their relationship and if tons of sex is important to you then you can try to find a woman who feels the same way, but if that is your only motive to be in a relationship, then it may be best if you look up a Harrow escort

In relationships its all about give and take and it is never fair when one persons needs overpowers the other because sooner or later it may turn into an obsession.