Does She Still Love Me?


Women are famous for their love of commitment while we men are not. We are more carefree and more experimental when it comes to relationships and we just don't want to tie ourselves down to a romance for it deprives us of other exciting things that come from being a man.

But wait, while most of us believe that this can probably be true, and that men are naturally polygamous, we have good news for you - we cant be young forever and each of us should have one single partner who will look after and care for them and love them no matter what.

So women's love for their men has limits, too, and they can also demand a more stable and mature relationship. And when and how would you know that the love you used to receive for free and ignore nonchalantly may have come to an end or has long been gone?

Its More Than Just Gifts, Kisses, and Dates

Well, if you think she takes delight in your chocolates, expensive jewellery, and well-funded dates then you're not really falling over backwards to check if your girl is enjoying your company. You may be thinking that she's just one regular London escort that you'd spend time with and call again when you're not busy. Mind you, even your London escort needs attention, too!

Women need attention the same way we need ours too so make an effort to go beyond the whole nine yards of the relationship to make her feel special and valued.

Listen to the Tell-Tale Signs

You may not be listening enough but if our women wont tell us verbally they may already have been suggesting it physically. Falling out of love can take time with women and if this happens there's almost always no way to get it back to what it was before. Yes, their memory of your wrongdoing goes to their long-term memory bank and stays there until the next wrongdoing happens.

Because women are notorious for keeping long memories of your screw-ups, don't be surprised if she reels these off in your next fight. So open your eyes and ears wider to see if there are any hints if your girl has been consistently demoting you and don't leave it until you wake up one day with a letter on your bedside saying how she appreciates you but she has to move on!

So listen to the hints she's giving you and figure out if she's making her way out the door. We could check how many times she's been calling you during the day or if she ever calls at all. Did she stop acting jealously when you are around beautiful, sexy girls? Is she going out more often with her friends and finding ways not to do so with you? These are tell-tale signs that you may be losing her, so take heed of them and take the chance to make a drastic move before she says goodbye.